Chengdu Rongcheng picked up a treasure from Shanghai SIPG

In order to test the training results during this period, Chengdu Rongcheng coach Xu Zhengyuan specially held a warm-up match with the Korean league powerhouse Suwon Samsung. In this game, Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu’s new aid Maitijiang performed well and scored a very exciting direct free kick. Subsequently, Chengdu Rongcheng young player Wang Binhan added the icing on the cake, locking the score at 2-0. Chengdu Rongcheng and Suwon Samsung defeated their opponents 2-0 after 90 minutes of fierce battle.

Chengdu Rongcheng

As a new player from Chengdu Chengdu, Maitijiang scored a wonderful goal shortly after joining the team, making many fans feel that Xu Zhengyuan had found a treasure. Maitijiang himself is a forward with distinctive strength and characteristics. He once played for Luneng. After entering the Luneng first team, Maitijiang did not get stable playing time. Therefore, Maitijiang chose to leave the team and transfer.

Maitijiang’s Chinese Super League career truly reached its peak when he played for the Jinmen Tigers. At that time, Tianjin Tigers coach Stillik admired Maitijiang’s ability very much and directly fixed him in the midfielder position. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, and this sentence is equally applicable to Maitijiang. Maitijiang played overtime on behalf of the Jinmen Tigers and showed good offensive and defensive performance, knocking on the door of the national football team.

Subsequently, SIPG took a fancy to Maitijiang and gave him a big contract. Maitijiang has played for SIPG for many years, and his highlight moment was helping the team win the Chinese Super League championship in the 2023 season. It’s a pity that Maitijiang did not get a new contract with the club after his contract with Hong Kong expired. Therefore, Maitijiang chose to join Chengdu Rongcheng. Chengdu Chengdu Team head coach Xu Zhengyuan admired Maitijiang’s abilities and directly gave him a core position.

Maitijiang repaid Xu Zhengyuan’s trust with a goal in the warm-up match, and also won praise from Chengdu Chengdu fans. I hope Maitijiang can continue to perform well after the Chengdu Chengdu team starts the new season of the Chinese Super League. The Chengdu Chengdu team’s goal in the Chinese Super League this season is to strive to qualify for the AFC Champions League. I believe that the new players, led by Maitijiang, can perform well in the game. It is only a matter of time before this dream comes true.

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