Lillard wins the championship for two consecutive years


On February 18th, Manila time, 55BMW the NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest, Damian Lillard defended the three-point contest championship.

  Players participating in this three-point shooting competition include: Lillard, Markkanen, Towns, Brunson, Haliburton, Mitchell, Trae Young, Malik Beasley.

  In the eight-to-three preliminaries, Beasley scored 20 points, Mitchell 21 points, Brunson 24 points, Markkanen 25 points and the team was eliminated. Trae Young, Haliburton, Towns and Lillard both scored 26 points to enter the playoffs.

  In the 30-second overtime, Lillard and Towns both scored 16 points, Trae Young scored 15 points, and Haliburton was eliminated with 12 points.

  In the subsequent finals, Towns took the lead and scored 24 points, followed by Trae Young who also scored 24 points.

  Lillard, who played last, scored 24 points by hitting the ball in the penultimate basket. He could win the championship by hitting one ball in the last basket. However, he missed the first four goals in a row and hit the final ball to complete the game. , won the championship for two consecutive years.

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