Inter Milan announced good news of C1 Cup, MU – Premier League worried about losing the 5th place

Inter Milan excellently won 1-0 against Atletico Madrid. This victory is not only important for Inter but also for the whole Serie A tournament.

Starting from the 2024/25 season, the UEFA Champions League will increase the number of participating teams from 32 according to the old format to 36 teams according to the new format. The allocation of these 4 additional tickets is of special interest to European national championships. According to an announcement from UEFA, the achievements of national championship clubs in this season’s Champions League are important to the allocation of additional tickets for next season.

At this time, Italy has the upper hand in winning another ticket to the Champions League next season. That means, the team ranked 5th in Serie A next season will also have a place, instead of just 4 teams like this season as well as previous seasons.

According to the Daily Mail, Italy has an advantage, gaining 14.7 average points after the group stage. Germany ranked second with 13.9 points, England ranked third with 13.8 points and Spain ranked fourth with 12.9 points. The 2 national championships with the highest average points will each have 1 additional spot.

With Inter Milan having just defeated Atletico 1-0 in the first leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League, Italy has even more grounds to aim for another spot. Before that, Lazio also surprised by defeating Bayern Munich 1-0. These victories will help the Italian national championship gain more important points.

The fact that Italian clubs are playing well in the Champions League this season makes English teams even more worried. MU , the team currently ranked 6th in the Premier League but only 3 points behind the 5th ranked team, Tottenham, is very hopeful that next season’s Premier League will have 5 places instead of just 4 places in the Champions League.

If England has 5 spots instead of 4, MU’s chance of success will be much higher than the top 4 race. Because, the first 3 spots seem to be in the hands of Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool. But if Italian teams continue to play stably like they are now, the ambitions of MU in particular and English teams in general will become even more difficult. It’s best that they hope German teams continue to play poorly.

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