Curry beats Ionescu with 29 points


On February 18th, Manila time,55BMW there was an epic showdown in the NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest. NBA history three-point champion Stephen Curry faced off against WNBA three-point contest record holder Sabrina Ionescu. In the end, Curry finished with 29 He defeated Ionescu and won the duel.

  In last year’s WNBA Three-Point Contest, Ionescu scored 37 points on 25 of 27 shots, setting a joint historical record for both the NBA and WNBA Three-Point Contest. The NBA officially invited him to compete with Curry, the NBA’s historical three-point leader, at the All-Star Game this year. duel.

  NBA officials originally planned to have Ionescu shoot from outside the WNBA three-point line to face off against Curry, but Ionescu insisted on shooting from the NBA three-point line distance like Curry.

  In the game, Ionescu took the lead. After she came on the court, she scored 7 goals in a row and finally scored 26 points.

  Curry then appeared on the stage and had already scored 21 points before the last basket. In the last flower basket, Curry scored four goals in a row and scored 29 points to win the game after missing the first shot.

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